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OVER 60 YEARS ~ "2020 Vision"
Strengthening the leadership position of a company like D. N. Lukens, Inc. requires a keen focus on the existing business landscape, while creating momentum toward the horizon where new opportunities await companies with clear vision. D. N. Lukens, Inc. continues to sharpen our focus with our 2020 Vision - our clarity for navigating the right course for the coming decade.
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You will note the continued shift in our product portfolio to the green products of the future. This is a combination of more compliant, user-friendly versions of our traditional offerings, as well as bio-based, renewable, and sustainable emerging technologies. These materials together provide our customers with the materials needed for long-term success. To learn more, click here

D. N. Lukens, distributors of raw materials to the process industries throughout the Northeast with NACD certified processes and ISO 9000 warehouse and logistic systems. A family operated business, focusing on outstanding customer service and technical support.

A Sampling of Materials offered by D. N. Lukens, Inc.
A New England distributor to the Northeast United States, based in Massachusetts, Lukens offers chemicals, color pigments, effect pigments, epoxy resins, metallic pigments, adhesion promoters, paint additives, plastic additives, biocides, antioxidants, UV absorbers, hollow spheres, alkyd resins, minerals, waxes, pearlescent pigments, smoke suppressants, defoamers, wetting agents, reinforcing fibers, stearates, thickeners, ink additives, extender pigment, lightweight spheres, white pigments, flame retardants, acrylic resins and emulsion polymers.